Restricted-Use Contract

Datasets that are available are adult and adolescent survey data and the service usage data. If you are interested in obtaining copies of the qualitative data, please contact the respective Principal Investigator: Dr. Mimi Chapman – Adult Health Beliefs and Dr. Krista Perreira – Adolescent Migration.

The restricted-use data (including qualitative data), available by contractual agreement with the Carolina Population Center, will be distributed only to certified researchers who commit themselves to maintaining limited access. To be eligible to enter into a contract, researchers must have an IRB-approved security plan for handling and storing sensitive data and sign a data-use contract agreeing to keep the data confidential. Contractual data are provided as SAS export files in separate, linkable datasets and contain a hidden signature identifying the purchaser. For information about reading the SAS files with other statistical applications, please see the FAQ.

To get access to the restricted-use LAMHA data, prospective users must read and complete a multi-part agreement. A copy of theĀ agreement in Adobe portable document format (pdf) is available for downloading. Please read the entire package and return all parts, fully completed, to LAMHA. Applicants must also submit a $150 non-refundable fee, made payable to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The fee covers administrative and handling charges.

To download the data use agreement, please click here.